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Foundry Chemicals : Binders

In our foundry range of phenolic resins, we have shell-mold resins and organic non-heating self-curing foundry-use resins in a rich assortment of grades. We can provide shell-mold resins to comply with versatile requirements such as high mechanical strength, quick curing, peel-back resistance, low odor, ease of collapse after molding and low expansion. For non-heating self-curing foundry-use resins, we provide resins compatible with the cold-box system which improve curing speed and save energy.

Phenol Base Resins

  • Shell Resin (Novalac) for coated sand manufacturing.
  • Phenolic No Bake (Acid Cured).
  • Phenolic No Bake (Ester Cured).
  • Phenolic Urethane No Bake.
  • Coldbox Resin.
  • Hot Box Resin (Phenolformeldehyde or Furfuryl Alcohol base).
  • Furan No Bake Resin.

Shell-mold resins (general purpose use, for main mold component, hollow inner core, solid inner core) and resins for the cold box system.

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Alkyd Base Resins

  • Three Part Alkyd No Bake Resin.
  • Alkyd Semi Bake Resin.
  • Sp alkyd for Thinwall casting like motor Body.

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Special Binders for Refractories

Thermo-setting resin characteristics ensure high mechanical strength after drying. Fixed carbon rate is high enough to form very tough carbon bonds. Compatible with various aggregates including graphite. Also has superior mixing and kneading properties. In comparison with tar pitch or the like, there are environmental advantages with minimized hazardous substances.

  • Sp. Phenol Base Resin for Refractor (Liquid and Powder).

For various unburned bricks such as magnesia carbon brick, alumina carbon brick, and various burned bricks such as magnesia chrome brick. Refractories for continuous casting such as submerged nozzle and plate. Monolithic refractories, such as mud material, gunning refractory.

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Phenolic Shell Resin

Alkyd Base Resin

Special Phenolic Resins for Refractories