PU Systems For Flexible Packaging Industry

PU Systems for Flexible Packaging Industries

IVP's range of PU laminating adhesives includes solventless and solvent-based two-component adhesive systems, as well as solventless one-component adhesives designed for laminating various types of printed, plain, metallized plastic films, aluminium foils, paper, and their combinations.

Tailored to the requirements of the flexible packaging converting industry, these adhesives are designed with the following application features:

  • Achieves almost 98-100% adhesion and sealing strength within 18-24 hours after the lamination process.
  • Provides high visual quality on film-to-film laminates, exhibiting excellent aesthetic properties for laminates of metallized plastic films and aluminium foils with reverse-printed plastic films (speckle-free laminates).
  • Minimal effect on COF, especially on thin films.
  • Exhibits good heat, chemical, and product resistance, suitable for packaging all types of food products, including frozen foods, ketchups, shampoos, juices, spices, masalas, Atta flours, grains, and other dry products.
  • Enhances adhesion on VMPET and aluminium foils with PE Films.
  • Increases productivity by offering all-around application performance with high flexibility on multi-layered laminates.
  • Complies with international food safety standards, ensuring safe food packaging and meeting the most stringent food packaging compliances and end-user requirements.


Designed with polyisocyanate pre-polymers and polyester polyols based on NCO-terminated main components, as well as OH-terminated main component chemistries (forward as well as reverse chemistry), for laminating requirements with various kinds of film substrates to meet the desired properties of end laminates.

These adhesives are suitable for laminating web combinations of PET, BOPP, MET PET, MET BOPP, CPP, MET CPP, Aluminum Foils, NYLON, PE films, PAPER, etc., offering excellent aesthetic properties, bond strength, and seal strength to flexible packaging laminates. Due to their superior wetting properties, these adhesives work well on combinations of metallized films and aluminium foils with printed films, providing speckle-free laminates where these metallized films and Al foils are components of laminated structures. Additionally, they offer good optical clarity on film-to-film layers with good heat seal and bond strengths.

Recommended for all general to medium-performance packaging requirements, laminating various films mentioned above, for packaging food products, spices, confectioneries, and groceries like Atta flours, grains, and other dry products with large-sized laminated packages. Also suitable for laminates for packaging liquid detergents, soaps, shampoos, edible oils, spices, ketchups, etc., as these offer excellent chemical and heat resistance to the end laminates.


Moisture-curing single-component solvent-free adhesives for laminating surface as well as reverse-printed plastic films, metallized plastic films, and Aluminum foils to Paper or Paperboard. These can be mainly used for laminating applications on Nordmeccanica types of laminating machines with films like PET, MET-PET, BOPP, MET-BOPP, CPP, MET-CPP, Al FOILS with PAPER or PAPERBOARD as one of the components of the laminated structure. They offer good heat resistance to the laminates using these substrates and can be used for packaging different food products and non-aggressive dry products, pan masalas, etc. They are also suitable for making graphic art laminates using plastic films and paperboards on Steinemann types of laminating machines.


We offer solvent-based two-component polyurethane adhesives for general to medium range packaging requirements by laminating various plastic films, metallized plastic films, aluminium foils, and paper. These adhesives provide good optical clarity, chemical resistance, and temperature resistance. They are low viscosity, high solids adhesives with good wetting and solvent release properties, suitable for use at higher application solids content of about 40 to 45%. They are applicable on PET, MET-PET, BOPP, MET-BOPP, PEARLIZED-BOPP, CPP, MET-CPP, Al Foils, LLDPE films, and Paper for packaging food products, spices, ketchups, edible oils, liquid detergents, shampoos, soaps, and for making large-sized laminated packages for dry products. Laminates with these adhesives offer good heat and chemical resistance with high bond and seal strengths.

These adhesives are available at 68% and 80% solid contents, with the second component (cross-linker) at 75% solid contents.