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Allied Products

IVP offers crucial additives for both ferrous and non-ferrous foundries which help enhance the metallurgical process efficiently. These additives elevate the results with our innovative solutions and enable our customers to achieve excellence with every pour.



Our alloying agents, available in granular form, are specifically designed for cast iron applications in pouring or transfer ladles. These agents encompass common alloying elements, including Silicon, Manganese, Chromium, and Phosphorus.

Our metal-generating anti-piping compound is tailored for the hot topping of iron and steel casting applications.

Serving as coal dust substitutes in powder form, our carbon additives are specially recommended for clay-bonded molding sand systems as effective additives. Certain grades are versatile enough to be utilised as a breakdown agent in sodium silicate systems.

Our core joining compound, supplied in paste form, is the ideal solution for joining cold to cold surfaces.

Our range includes various grades of exothermic compounds, catering to diverse needs. This includes an exothermic cum insulating ladle covering compound that not only provides exothermicity but also forms a burnt compound blanket, offering insulation to the ladle. Additionally, we offer a highly exothermic cum-insulating anti-piping compound designed to prevent premature chilling in risers. Lastly, our exothermic anti-piping compound not only adds exothermicity to the riser but also forms a burnt compound blanket, providing insulation.

Our green sand additives include a self-setting bentonite-ceramic replacement molding sand additive. Ideal for the production of medium or small steel/G.I. castings, it provides efficient molding properties. Additionally, we offer a powder accelerator designed for self-setting sodium silicate sand systems, enhancing the overall performance of the molding process.

Our specially developed highly effective complex inoculates are versatile, suitable for both grey and ductile cast iron, ensuring a high dissolution ratio. These inoculates, with a selectively crafted composition, deliver a robust inoculation effect across a wide range of applications. Available in various sizes, they provide flexibility to meet different casting requirements.

Our highly reactive metal refining flux, supplied in powder form, serves as a degassing cum deoxidizing flux. Specifically recommended for grey iron and steel, it plays a crucial role in enhancing the refining process.

Our shell mold joining compound, supplied in paste form, is the ideal solution for joining hot to hot surfaces. Its composition and form make it well-suited for seamless bonding in high-temperature applications.

Our phosphorus reducer is a specialised compound designed for the reduction of phosphorus in steel melts. Supplied in powder form, it is a key element in optimising the composition of steel for various applications.

Our high refractory paste is formulated for various applications, including filling parting lines and other critical areas. Its composition ensures optimal performance in high-temperature environments.

Non – Ferrous

De-gassers are compounds designed to generate gas in the melt, facilitating the effective removal of dissolved gases. We offer various grades suitable for aluminium, magnesium, copper, nickel base alloys, and more. The generated gases, such as chlorine and inert gases, play a crucial role in optimising the quality of the melt. Additionally, some de-gassers exhibit a grain-refining effect. All grades are conveniently available in tablet form.

We offer various grades of de-oxidizing tubes tailored for copper, high conductivity copper, and copper alloys. These tubes are available in various sizes, ensuring compatibility with the quantity of metal to be treated.

Our die-coats serve as a crucial protective barrier, preventing die erosion and wear. Additionally, they facilitate a smoother release of the casting from the die, optimising the overall die-casting process.

In this category, we offer various grades of covers and protective fluxes designed for a range of materials including copper, high conductivity copper, copper base alloys, zinc, copper-zinc alloys, nickel, nickel alloys, aluminium, aluminium alloys, phosphor bronze, and more. These fluxes play a crucial role in optimising the metallurgical processes for each material.

We offer various grades of grain refiners tailored for magnesium alloys, aluminium alloys, hyper-eutectic aluminium-silicate alloys (15-25% Si), and more. Additionally, phosphorus-based grain refiners are available. Conveniently offered in tablet form, these grain refiners come in various sizes to suit your specific needs in the metallurgical processes.